Sunday, 24 March 2019

Know what you're vaping!

The market for e-cigarette based nicotine replacement therapies has mushroomed in recent years. It's now believed that about half of nicotine users now get their 'fix' from vaping eliquids (with the other half sticking to traditional, tobacco nicotine delivery). With the recent endorsement of vaping by the NHS the marketshare of elquids is only set to rise.

Unfortunately the market remains largely unregulated and that leaves the door open to less than scrupulous operators. And with nicotine being one of the more expensive ingredient, for some eliquid producers the temptation to sell eliquids that are below standard with respect to advertised nicotine content (mg/ml).

At Check an eliquid we'll shortly offer you two methods to check the nicotine level of any juice.

For now this site remains under construction, but bookmark us cand heck back soon!